Many students, even if they  have academic excellence, their written text may include grammatical and spelling errors which they fail to notice even after repeated self editing. Spelling and other errors are just not recognized by the authors, generally. When you spent much of your energy to write your theses, you should make sure that it should be submitted in good quality for which you should take the help of a professional editor and proof reader.  

Once a student finishes his or her dissertation, he or she may feel complacent and smug, taking his or her submission to be a destined success. This self grandeur is a misconception arising out of  ignorance of prevalent communication and writing standards. During student days, one needs the aid and guidance of an accomplished professional or an acknowledged expert. Two commonest reactions regarding writing that one may face post – submission are:

  • » Judging Committee complaining that the dissertation is not communicative enough.
  • » Publishing authorities passing comments about its academic and stylistic standards.

We, promise to examine thoroughly  your dissertation and nend it  for such a level that it is both communicative and excellent.Our experts will sit together and analyse your dissertation thoroughly and via mutual collaboration make sure that your facts are clear and appropriate  terms and analogies are used, so that your intentions are communicated clearly to your approval authority.

As far as writing part goes, especially if you are ambitious and wants yourself to get published in important journals and get acknowledgment, you definitely requires the aid of a professional writer. As for normal course, apart from making the dissertation communicative, run of the matters like correcting spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, stylistic deviations (so as to conform to the stylebook of your University, Board or Institution)etc, are also looked after.

Please note that if you desire more than just getting your dissertation approved you will have to achieve excellent standards .For this, help of somebody who is well versed with excellent academic writing is essential.Even if academic writing, in normal cases, asks for formal, simple and precise style, which organics the idea in logical order, international journals may demand for excellence.

When we edit your dissertation, rest assured that:

  • » Approval body will find it communicative and appropriate.
  • » Screening bodies of publishing houses will  recognize  your work  for excellence.

Again What we promise to do:

  • » Experts, of all fields concerned, will sit together and discuss, so that everything is crystal clear
  • » Writes in a style and form acceptable even to international journals
  • » Ensure a writing that is  free of spelling, grammatical and syntactical errors
  • » Ensure that the writing adheres strictly to the prescribed stylebook.

And while proof reading, we ensure that:

  • » Spelling standards are adhered to.
  • » Punctuations are appropriate and significant.
  • » Formatting specifications are adhered to.
  • » Capitalisation principles are followed.
  • » Citations are cross checked and properly maintained.