CSRMS, the facilitator and promoter of Elders Holistic Homes (EHH) has done two national surveys under the aegis of Indian Council of Medical Research – “Prevalence of Behavioural Risk Factors among the age group 30-74 years” and “Prevalence of Dementia among Elders”. We are an ethically minded, socially responsible group with a compassionate attitude to our fellow beings. This is evident in all our endeavours.

At Elders Holistic Homes, elders will be treated with the elixir of our unique holistic health care system. This will result in their wholesome (mind, body and spirit) wellness. This will be attained by making them engage with life differently, fruitfully, meaningfully, societally, peacefully and happily.  Refreshing, rejuvenating and relaxing holistic methodologies, involvements and lifestyles will be employed for the same. This will go a long way in substantially reducing their morbidity risks. This enables alleviation of huge medical and other related costs; and physical, mental and emotional stress, which elders themselves and their faraway children and dear ones undergo.

EHH will be happy to arrange for a continuation of their past social, humanitarian, educational, ecological, professional, and likewise activities in a healthy and moderate way. Interactions and associations with those engaged in likening fields can also be arranged.


Initially, the EHH will be housed in our new two storied building at Ernakulam, located in Moothakunnam, serenaded by a countryside ambience. Moothakunnam also has some famous educational institutions, which conduct post graduate and professional courses like Engineering in its ambit. Adjacent to EHH, the Grand River Periyar meets the Arabian Sea. This serene locale is close to Kerala’s rich heritage centre – “Pattanam”. The location is unpolluted and mainly a residential one, surrounded by cool green environs, providing for pure air – a precious gift guaranteeing quality health for inmates. A deep clean well situated in the premises ensure plentiful supply of pure water. In addition, direct water connection of Kerala Water Authority is also provided for. Hot water availability is also assured throughout the day.

Health status examinations would be arranged for inmates, as and when doctors suggest for the same.

EHH would encourage occasional visits of their children, grand children, other relatives, friends etc. To express their love, regard, care etc to elders. In exceptional cases, those relations, specifically permitted and authorised (with written consent by the concerned) could also take the inmates with them for short tours, picnics and outside stays in nearby houses or hotels, if the management is convinced that the elders and relations really long for that companionship.

Reservations for short stays in adjacent good hotels can be arranged for, if request in this regard is received in advance at EHH.

Admission to EHH

Those seeking admission at EHH (or on behalf of the elders for whom admission is sought) may send the detailed bio-data of the elder(s) along with their family particulars and detailed medical history through e-mail or by post in our address provided in our website at the earliest. They will be considered on first come first basis.
After a proper consideration of elders’ real situation, family and societal issues they face and their liking for non-dependant togetherness they enjoy, while living with their peers, the general retirement age of 55 is fixed as the minimum age for admission at Elders Holistic Home.

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