• What makes your centre unique?

    Our Research Centre has a track record of over ten years in academic assistance. We have the expertise to help you complete your dissertation.

  • Can I request for a specific format for my Dissertation/Thesis/ Assignment?

    Yes. Your request will be complied with.
  • Will you revise my work, if required?

    On your request, provided they are within the scope of your work.
  • When can I expect a reply to my requisition?

    You can expect a reply within 24 hours. Enquiry forms are given priority.
  • How will you get back to me after I make my payment?

    After the payment is made, a receipt will be sent to you, which will be followed by a detailed mail from our co-ordinator.
  • Will you keep your time?

    Except for circumstances beyond our control, we assure timely completion.
  • Do you offer any discount, for groups?

    Nothing more than 25 percent for a group of at least ten people otherwise only ten percent.
  • When you prefer to be contacted?

    You can contact anytime during daytime past 10 am through mobile.