Thesis/ dissertation consultation

Suggest changes if any for your primary, secondary objectives and Null/Alternate hypotheses.
Specific statistical tools to be applied to verify these hypotheses and justify why these are applied and also how to make proper interpretation.
Calculate the sample size and power analysis.
Further explanation to make you understand the statistical tools used so as to make you confident towards defending your dissertation.
Project development and literature reviews

  • » Database construction and assistance in data entry.
  • » Research design, data analysis.
  • » Editing and proof-reading.
  • » Presentation of results and preparation of reports.
  • » Assistance with adapting your dissertation or thesis for publication.


Field Survey/ Research and Consultancy

CSRMS offers field survey and consultancy services to research institutions and research scholars using statistical methodology - It includes

  • » Formulation of study design
  • » Carrying out field surveys, if required
  • » Data Analysis & interpretation
  • » Preparation of reports/articles


Research Methodology courses to Research Scholars

Various aspects of research design and quantitative method will be explained. Application of various statistical tools will be extensively explained, with easy to use statistical software. Data on a small project will be given to trainees for a comprehensive analysis and preparation of reports, in order to gain hands on experience.

Preparation of research papers and technical editing.

Guiding systematic arrangement of theme papers, reports and other materials, evaluation and editing of such theme papers. Biostatistics is the application of statistical methodology to data relating to biological field including medicine, epidemiology, public health and more.