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The Centre For Survey Research And Management Service established in September 1998

The Centre for Survey Research and Management Services (CSRMS) was formally registered under the Societies Registration Act as a non-profit organization in September -1998. Its main objective is to carry out research studies (mainly using survey research methodology style) in the areas of (a) Health & Diseases, (b) Behavioral life style, (c) Dietary pattern, (d) Population dynamics and (e) Other exploratory studies.

We are a network of post graduate level statistical, dissertational and academic editorial professionals. Our professional experiences would help the researchers and students to complete their dissertation/thesis on time. We have adequate experience in data analysis, research design and statistical software.

Statistical Analysis is almost compulsory in dissertation programme and most of the medical students lack this essential skill to complete this section by themselves. Our staff has the requisite skill and expertise in dealing with this section and will interpret the results correctly.

All the students are not likely to know the statistical matter of their dissertation, and such students can get help from dissertation statistical consultants. There are many occasions when students waste their time without approaching a statistical consultant. It is always worthwhile approaching a statistical consultant at the beginning of your research itself.