Statistical Consultation

When you request for statistical help please send the following information

  1. Title of the Thesis/Dissertion
  2. Objectives - primary and secondary
  3. Details of hypothesis - null and alternatives.
  4. Give details of all output variables and any other information availed through internet / web search. Some of these information may be needed to determinine the sample size based an acceptable power (80 or 90 percent) and type two error (p) of 0.05.
  5. All the pertinent statistical analysis would be carried out and provided in the form of a written report to you containing all the findings based on the objectives.


Following Protocol details need to be provided by the RESEARCHER.

Back ground - Introduction
Major purpose of students
Objectives of the Research - Primary and secondary
Literature Review

  • Target population
  • Type of studies
  • Sample size
  • Data collection and Research methods
  • Statistical methods

Result and discussion
Summary and conclusion
Reference consistent to the referred text

Professional Editing

Although many students have academic excellence, their written text may include grammatical and spelling errors which they fail to notice even after repeated self editing. Spelling and other errors are just not recognized by the authors, generally. When you spend much of your energy to write your theses, you should make sure that it should be submitted in good quality for which you should take the help of a professional editor and proof reader.
Security aspect of your theses

We will maintain full/completesecurity and confidentiality, while we submit your thesis for editing and proof reading to our qualified professionals. We only guarantee to safely keep the final version of your text in our computer for a maximum period of six months, as a safeguard measure from the accidental loss of your dissertation.